Island Path Panama works with a select group of partners that live and work in Bocas Del Toro.  The profile of our partners varies: 

  • Lodging only (typically houses with kitchens)
  • Lodging with services (such as surf guides with boats)
  • Services (folks that assist you while in Bocas)

What makes Island Path Panama unique is the degree of interaction we have with our partners on your behalf.  Unlike other rental websites, we discuss each and every booking with our partners before the reservation is made.  This way, we can maximize your experience and personalize your trip.  

Our current offering is the ALL INCLUSIVE.  We expect to have the RAINFOREST HOME complete for the winter 2016 season.  We are also in discussion with additional potential partners so please, check back with us to review other offerings.  

Please refer to the ALL INCLUSIVE page for more details.