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We are easy to deal with.  This is what you need to do to reserve a place with Island Path Panama:

  • Write us an email at or fill out the form to the right and let us know the following:
  • Are you Surfing or Fishing 
  • What place are you interested in
  • Dates (remember, factor in Sunday to Saturday if surfing)
  • Information about yourself and your party
  • Questions you have of us

We'll get back to you pretty quick via email with the exact deposit amount, which is 15% of the trip for all parties, plus a 3% transaction fee.   You pay the deposit via the PAY NOW button on the right.  This is PayPal, the most secure payment on the internet.  

Once you are in Bocas, you pay the remainder to the host, in cash.   

Next Steps, once you book, we'll send you up to the minute information about town, where to eat, where to shop, what to avoid.  We'll also send you information about the surf spots so that you get the very best inside track...this is our mission, to ensure you score.  We'll keep an eye on the charts and send you ideas about what spots will be firing when you are in Bocas.  

And If you are fishing, we'll hook you up with the guide early on in order to start the conversation, what to expect, what to'll be prepared.  

"Know Before You Go..."