Things To Do in Bocas Del Toro
There are so many things to do in Bocas.  Be it surfing, spear fishing, fly fishing, snorkeling, touring the rain forest...there is something for everybody looking for a true tropical adventure. 

Island Path Panama offers surfing, spear fishing, fly fishing and tours throughout the islands.  If you are a surfer, we will focus entirely on you, your abilities and desires.  Our guides are experienced surfers in this region and we are as passionate about this past time as you us, our lives are all about water sports and enjoying the tropics.   

If you come for touring the islands, the options are nearly endless.  We can accomodate you with our boat and guide, or set you up with a local operator best suited for your desires, group size and budget.

For spear fishermen, we know the reefs, the fish and the best times of year to go.  This is a passion of ours and we think the spear fishing in Bocas is truly world class.   

For fly fishing, we concentrate on snook and tarpon.  These fish are legendary and the rare opportunity to hook up is here.

For divers, we work with Starfleet.  They are established, certified and have great reputations and established operations.  You'll dive with people that know the reefs and where the diving is best in the Chiriqui lagoon. 
Our boat is a 22 foot "Panga" and is specifically designed for the special wave and fishing action common to Bocas.  It comfortably seats six and has plenty of power to get us were we need to go quickly, safely and with a lower ecological impact than larger boats.  

Please review our pages on Surfing, Spear Fishing and Tours for more detailed information.